• Freddy Kuan

INDOCHINA ONE - A special sub-grouping of the OBOR WORLD

INDOCHINA ONE derives it synergies from the alliance of regional transportation companies (trucks owners) and strong customs relationships. Together, they are committed to intensifying business and transportation link in the Indochina region. Even delivering upto your customer’s door

IndoChina ONE is strong believers of further economic integration in the greater Mekong region. We see vast opportunities offered in this region of abundant natural dynamic population and abundance of on-going projects that complements the economic and financial clout of vibrant East Asian economies.

IndoChina ONE publishes "cross border transportation information, and with the growing cross border investment and activities in the region, we offer business intelligence, logistics feasibility studies reports and last but not least, one of the most competitive pricing for your logistics requirements.

Working closely with our IndoChina ONE members in Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, Myanmar, Laos and Malaysia, we also offer a full suite of professional logistics services

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