• Freddy Kuan

The OBOR WORLD Global Conference 21-23 Fen 2019 @Guangzhou

The OBOR WORLD Global Conference will be held in Guangzhou on 21-23 Feb 2018. This is one of the most source after events of the year where there will be more than 300+ delegates from 65 countries attending the conference

Rather than the tradition conferencing events, such as, One-2-One appointments, the OBOR WORLD will be launching some of the best industry in-depth industry development knowledge for all participants. These include

- Imports China Grouping (special in-house grouping)

- Trade Buddy Program (business matching)

- World Free Hand Consignments

- FIXX - Freight Insurance Express

- Trade Forums (Belt & Road Initiatives, Free Trade Agreements & Economic Corridors)

It will be a shame if anyone will to miss this exciting annual event

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