• Freddy Kuan

TRUTH for Darkest Days

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only impacted the entire global economy – as well as individual way thoughts (wisdom), ways of managing things, – All in a Big Way!

Families relationships, social impacts (humanity), traveling regulations (mobility), communication (live), Medical advancement and others

Will this be one of the darkest days in my life (after WWI, WW2, the Great Depression & etc)

Truth will always prevails...

⁃ Deaths

⁃ Financial discontentment

⁃ Divorce, Seperation, Bonding

⁃ Internal & External conflicts

⁃ Disbelief, Loss of Confidence & Trust

⁃ Many more unexpected eventualities

Is this the way that all of us have been brought up regardless of religion, race and culture. Everything seems to be “Upside Down”.

We may have to sacrifice 1-2 generations to recover or to reinstate those good memories and ethics

In every adversity, you will also see reality!Wishing everyone to Stay Healthy & Safe!

~ By Freddy Kuan

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