• Freddy Kuan

TSIE - Top Speed International Express Merger Announcement

OBOR WORLD has successfully assisted in one of the largest member's mergers in South East Asia between JHJ International Logistics (Singapore) Pte Ltd and PT Top Speed International Express, Both these companies will merge into one organisation, named as "TSIE" in an effort to provide value-added and end-to-end eCommerce fulfillment and last mile delivery solutions

The strategic merger of "TSIE" - TOP SPEED LOGISTICS PTE LTD, is a merger between JHJ International Singapore, who is very strong with the Chinese markets, while PT Top Speed International Express, who is equally strong in Indonesia. Together, they will combine the best of the easy-to-use technology for its e-fulfillment and last mile delivery services across Asia, especially in ASEAN region.

As a result, "TSIE" will create one of the largest e-fulfillment & last mile delivery service provider with an ASEAN wide offices & facilities and capabilities with its head office in Singapore.

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